Lim Si Wan Looks Comfortable in Pink Socks and Slippers

On May 23, ZE:A’s Lim Si Wan tweeted two pictures of himself reading a script with the caption, “Ah, the script…” The two pictures reveal a very different style and side of the star.

In the tweeted images, Lim Si Wan is completely absorbed in reading his script. Sitting by a street crosswalk with his script in his hands, he does not seem self-conscious of the many pedestrians walking around him.

However, in the images, many took notice of his too-comfortable shoe style. Lim Si Wan matched his his pink and white striped socks with black plastic slippers.

Upon viewing the picture, netizens commented: “Lim Si Wan’s tip to keep cool in the summer,” and, “He’s still stylish.”

In other news, Lim Si Wan is playing the role of an orphan in MBC’s sitcom, “Stand By.”