So Ji Sub Feels a Generation Gap with Co-Star Lee Yeon Hee Who Is 11 Years Younger?

The costars of the upcoming drama “Ghost” are 11 years apart in age. So Ji Sub was born in 1977 while Lee Yeon Hee was born in 1988. On May 23, So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee made an appearance on “One Night of TV Entertainment

So Ji Sub was asked about the age gap, and he replied, “What would I say about it. I am only sorry that we have such a large age difference. Just a little.”

The reporter then asked, “Is there a generation gap between you two?” So Ji Sub replied, “There probably is a generation gap. I don’t feel it though.”

Lee Yeon Hee answered, “But for there to be a generation gap means that we have to at least be able to identify with something….” So Ji Sub finished the joke, “It means we can’t even feel a generation gap because we can’t even identify with anything together.”