Hyomin Is a Beach Goddess

T-ara Hyomin showed off her goddess force on the beach! It looks as though Hyomin is spending a lot of time relaxing and having fun, before she was shown playing with a basketball.

On May 24 she tweeted, “The beach girl! Ya Ya Ya Ya Yai Ya to the beach~ I wish that everyday were this refreshing and hope that only things that will make me feel good will continue to happen.”

In the pictures that accompanied the tweet, Hyomin is shown with wavy long hair that gives off a refreshing look. Her slight smile makes her look all the more beautiful.

Hyomin is wearing a dress with yellow printing and it shows her shoulders. She is showing off her porcelain skin and beautiful body.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “Hyomin is getting prettier,” “Her smile is so pretty,” and “Instead of being a Beach Girl, she is more of a Beach Goddess! Is this a picture from Europe?”