Chris Golightly’s Ex-Girlfriend Reveals Texts of His Threats

Chris Golightly is currently being sued by his ex-girlfriend for fraud and giving threats. On May 23, his ex-girlfriend revealed the texts that give us insight into the situation.

His ex-girlfriend stated on May 23, “The threats began around January 2011 before his rape allegations. He began sending threats because he was worried I would say something to the press. Then after I sued him for fraud, the threats started all over again.”

She continued, “On April 5-6 I received text messages and calls all day until my cellphone batteries went out. If I picked up the phone he would just continue to swear at me. Because I knew his personality, I packed my things and fled my house.”

However, the threats continued even though she ran away.

His ex-girlfriend stated, “In the early hours I received a text from Chris. He sent me pictures of the places around my house and my door. He was telling me that he was nearby.” After that she began to live in her friends’ homes.

The reason for Chris Golightly’s ex-girlfriend’s lawsuit is because he borrowed approximately $32,000 and did not pay her back.

Chris Golightly’s ex-girlfriend is giving out interviews and information because the warrant for Chris Golightly was already rejected twice. She stated, “I didn’t do anything wrong and I thought that everything would work out through the law. I thought that things would work out that way.”