JYP Was Trapped in Revolving Doors During Jung Jun Ha’s Wedding

On the episode of SBSOne Night of TV Entertainment” that was broadcast on May 23, an embarrassing scene involving JYP was revealed. The embarrassing event happened on May 20 during comedian Jung Jun Ha’s wedding, JYP got trapped in revolving doors.

The wedding was held at the Shilla Hotel, and JYP was caught inside of revolving doors for a bit on his way out. He looked very embarrassed as the press and fans alike began to snap photos without worry.

It appears that JYP was very embarrassed because the moment the doors moved again, he quickly bolted for his car.

Netizens that came across the pictures commented, “I laughed for a while. What are you going to do about that shocked face?” “It looks like there wasn’t enough oxygen within the revolving doors,” and “When you are embarrassed the best thing to do is run away.”