Dal Shabet’s Leader Viki Is Quitting!

Dal Shabet’s Leader Viki is leaving Dal Shabet. Their agency Happy Face Entertainment stated on May 24, “The leader Viki will leave the group in order to pursue her solo activities. After getting some rest she will begin preparations for her solo activities. Viki debuted with Dal Shabet while bearing the thought of pursuing solo activities later in mind. For a long time we had discussions of Viki and her eventual solo career. The reason that she has come to this decision now is so that she can pursue her dreams before Dal Shabet’s new album is released.”

Viki wrote a letter on the official fan café on May 24, “Hello. I am Viki from Dal Shabet. Although it has been a long time since I have greeted you all, I have sad news for all the Darlings. Because of you fans, I had a lot of happy days while being the leader of Dal Shabet. However, after the Yeosu schedule I will stop all official Dal Shabet activities.”

She continued, “A lot of you are surprise right? However, I will soon appear again as a solo artist, please anticipate that. Ah!! And our pretty Shabet dongsengs are going to comeback! Ggya~ It will be the first official album so I hope you give them much love.”

She ended with, “Although I won’t be able to greet you as a member of Dal Shabet. Darlings, please do not forget the mischievous Viki in your hearts. Please continue to love Dal Shabet, and anticipate my Viki’s solo activities where she will show new transformations. My sisters who have been with me, charming Serri, big eyes Ah Young, sister in law prospect Jiyul, track and field idol Ga Eun, and giant baby Subin I will always cheer you guys on. Darlings as well!! You know how much I love you guys right?? Smooch <3 Thank you for all of those people who gave me love and continued to cheer me on ^^ I will come back soon.”