Rain Shares a Selca While on Vacation

Private Rain went on vacation and took a few selcas which have caught the attention of fans.

The selcas were posted through Rainy Entertainment’s official Twitter along with the message, “I’m posting these photos from my vacation I took them only for you as a surprise gift. ^^”

Sometime had passed since Rain updated his fans and the pictures were well received. In the photos rain can be seen wearing his improvised vacation wardrobe with black rimmed glasses and a baseball cap to complete the look. Rain faced the camera with a sweet smile. Even in his early thirties, he may have a mature look but he is still able to look innocent.

Netizens who saw the photo commented saying, “For someone born in 1982 you still look cute,” “This was not taken on a real vacation, right,” “The military seems to be doing you good. Glad to see you are doing well,” and “You look better than ever.”

Rain's Vacation Selca