Teen Top Reveals Second Video Teaser for “To You”

Teen Top just released a new teaser for their single “To You.” Previously, they released their first music video teaser for the single through YouTube. That version was entitled “To You (Love is Fight).” The new music video teaser has a similar title, “To You (Love is Pure).”

In the video, shots fade in and out of the individual members highlighted in the video. Chunji and L. Joe were the focus of the first teaser. This time it’s Changjo and Ricky’s turn. Changjo is seen running, trying to find a place to hide. As Ricky is hanging out, observing the goings on when Changjo runs past him. L. Joe’s voice can be heard as he speaks in clear English giving somewhat of a narration to the scene.

The group’s third mini-album, “Artist” is scheduled to drop on May 30. If that is too long for you to wait, feel free to watch the teaser below. What are your thoughts of their latest teasers?