“Rooftop Prince’s” Park Yoo Chun Looking Tired and Sad at Farewell Party

On May 24, child actress Kim So Hyun shared a photo of herself with Park Yoo Chun at the finale party of SBS series “Rooftop Prince.” She tweeted, “Should I upload it or not? I think more people would want to see it. I went to the finale party today. Thank you for your amazing acting Yoo Chun sunbaenim, and please give me lots of advice,” and attached a photo.

In the photo, Park Yoo Chun, who played the adult version of Crown Prince Lee Gak and Yong Tae Yong, posed with Kim So Hyun, who took on the younger version of the Crown Princess Hwayoung and Hong Sena. While Park Yoo Chun is smiling, he appeared both tired and sad. Netizens also noticed his puffy eyes, observing that the actor must have cried during the party.

Netizens commented, “Thank you for sharing the photo,” “I can’t believe ‘Rooftop Prince’ is over,” “Was Park Yoo Chun crying? His eyes are puffy,” “Thank you for all of your hard work. Get some rest now,” and more.

Meanwhile, “Rooftop Prince” ended on a high note last night, recording 14.8% (AGB Nielsen), the highest of the night.