Top 15 Comments on Soompi (May 17-24)

Phew, this new website is a bit confusing eh? This is something I wanted to try out for a while, it is the Top 15 Comments on!

Basically this is just a collection of the comments that made me, Jbarky, lol!

Well, before this becomes a weekly shindig (Depending upon how much you like it) I wanted to use pictures from our old website, because the commenting now is so much better. Hope you enjoy this and remember to comment below!

Let the games begin!

Comment #1

Kdramas that Star Idols Generally Have No Plot and Low Ratings

Basically, the article talked about dramas that had idols star in them and sucked.

I always love it when somebody comments and gets back at the article. It makes me get all excited. But actually I had to agree with “Hoshiko—“ there were some good dramas like “Boys Over Flowers” but I guess that depends on your definition of “good.”

Comment #2

f(x)’s Krystal Criticized for Staring Down at Kara’s Han Seungyeon?

f(x)’s Krystal was looking at the back of Kara’s Seungyeon and Netizens were split on what she was looking at or doing.

Yes “Lovebombs” I agree with you, Krystal could have been staring at Seungyeon’s behind. I would if I was in that situation.

Comment #3

miss A Suzy Betrays…IU?!

Ahahaah reading the comments for this article.. it felt like there was a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

One man (or woman) can only take so much of the same “That’s from Dream High” comment over and over again.

Comment #4

miss A’s Suzy and Her Handsome Father

The article was basically about how Netizens thought miss A Suzy’s father was good looking.

I’d like to say “vangpakau,” if Suzy’s father had the chance to read that comment, I am pretty sure his e-manhood would have significantly grown.

Comment #5

Secret’s Zinger Shows Off Her 19 Inch Waistline

The article was about Zinger and her supposed “19 inch waist.”

So the comments for this article went back and forth between disbelief and envy. But I cracked up when I read “cheap publicity.” AHAHAHAHAAHAHA!

Comment #6

Who’s a Better/Worse Pitcher than Girls’ Generation’s Jessica?

I liked the “snark” in the comment about what our beloved thunderstix wrote on his article.

First what thunderstix wrote,

“3) Nam Gyu Ri’s pitch itself wasn’t that bad, but her uniform was a complete disaster. Baseball’s a pitcher’s game, and the mound is sacred ground to the pitcher. You have to show respect by dressing in the right way, but her extremely short shorts (and exposed buttocks) were big no-no’s.”

The awesome reply,

AHAHAHAHA so very true. Sigh thank you Kirari for giving me this laugh.

Comment #7

IU Looks Tiny Next to Other Female Stars

Sometimes, when Soompiers comment in defense of their favorite idol or are just commenting, they say things that are very true. But the truth is a double edged sword that can hurt like a mother.


Comment #8

BoA’s Secret Tattoo Surprises Fans

Sometimes when people who are commenting, describe what they would like to do to the celebrity in question, it is usually disgusting. In this case, it was friggin hilarious!

“I’d Kiss the mini cooper out of that nape!” LOL

That was mini cooper funny.

Comment #9

“Rolling Stone” Lists the “10 K-Pop Groups Most Likely to Break in America”

What do you do when your favorite celebrity is missing on an important list? JUST KILL EVERYBODY ELSE!

Comment #10

BEAST Hyunseung’s Sagging Pants Accused of Imitating Justin Bieber

So people got into all these diatribes about whether or not he was copying Justin Bieber, where sagging packs came from and BAM! myriamaburto19 comes on to the scene with “bottom line, pull up your pants. Anyone looks ridiculous with that style.”

I don’t know if you were trying to be witty, but you really pulled it off in my book! *wink*

Comment #11

Comedian Shin Bora Disses “TaeTiSeo” Name Calling it “Childish”


Woojin-oppa-da” is right, it was Gong San Park C not, Gong San Park as I wrote. But in my defense, the article that I had translated from had it as Gong San Park. So PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT.

Comment #12

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica Expresses Her True Feelings about “Ice Princess” Image

The cutest comment on this list, “She is more like ‘Warm Ice.’ The most special kind of ice in the world.’” Despite being an oxymoron I still thought it was cute. I smiled and suddenly the world looked a bit more beautiful. I could understand what birds were always chirping about in the warm summer sun. The serenity of it all made me cry tears of joy. My tears were rainbow tears that turned into gum drops as they fell into the grass…

Comment #13

Girls’ Generation Seohyun Becomes First Contestant to Win It All on “100 Million Quiz Show”

So it looks like our bookworm Seohyun is in fact very smart. She won the “100 million quiz show.” Then, we get this comment!

Seohyun is “too smart to be in Girls Generation?” Bazinga!


Comment #14

Secret Hyosung’s Post-Diet Figure Wows Fans

Finally somebody caught on to the weird “Netizen comment” in the article. HAHAHA the following picture says it all.

What does it mean when you add more juice to a person? O_O

Comment #15

YG Says 2NE1 is Not Pretty

Last but not least, a Black Jack got defensive over Papa YG’s comments about the way 2NE1 looks. This Black Jack basically told YG that he’s a jerk, should look in the mirror because he’s ugly, and that he is pathetic as well.

Why can’t we all just get along? *frown*