SHINee’s Taemin Gives Thoughts on 4 Year Anniversary Since Debut: “I Am Now a 20 Year Old Man”

Congratulations to SHINee on their 4th anniversary! Taemin stated, “Finally I am 20 years old and have become a cool man.”

He wrote on the official SHINee website on May 25, “Hello. I am the youngest member of SHINee, Taemin! It has already been 4 years since our debut. Also, I am finally 20 and have become a cool man haha. Don’t fall in love with me too much. Anyways, please continue to anticipate SHINee that is continuing to grow. Also give us a lot of love! I love you SHINee world. This was the cute, but now cool guy Taemin.”

Onew stated, “It has been 4 years. Although it was long it was also a very short time. I am so happy that I was able to spend that time with all of you. We will spend more time in the future! I love you.”

Key stated, “It has already been 4 years. All of you and we have continued pushing forward without rest. I think we supported each other. Please continue to support us in the future. We will always try out best. I love you.”

Minho, “Already 4 years have passed by. Thank you for always making this awesome movie with me. You do know that there is still a lot of time before the ending credits go up right? I always want to be besides you. Truthfully, thank you and thank you again. Thank you and I love you.”

Last but not least, Jonghyun, “It has been 4 years. Already 4 years old. That is so weird. Let us continue to be on good terms for a long time! Thank you!”