Ha Ji Won’s New Nickname Is “Flower of Reunification”

I remember having this discussion with a friend before, it seems that Ha Ji Won is in the middle of any kind of TV show or film that has a theme of North-South Korean reunification. It looks like she now has a nickname that goes with this as well.

Ha Ji Won appeared on the YTN’s “News and Issue – Issue and People.” There she talked about her feelings for “The King 2hearts” that ended its broadcast on May 24. Ha Ji Won stated, “I feel a lot of sadness because I spent 3 months with the actors/actresses and staff. I feel like those 3 months were very short.”

She talked about the reason why she chose the drama “The King 2hearts.” “Before the drama, I had finished filming with ‘Korea’ and after that I felt something deep in my heart. I think that is the reason why I chose to appear in ‘The King 2hearts.’”

She continued, “I did not choose the drama because I was thinking about reunification between North and South Korea. I didn’t do that on purpose but people gave me the nickname ‘Flower of Reunification.’ Because I kept going back and forth between the North and South (In terms of acting?), I felt a lot of things I had not felt before.”