Big Bang Releases Flaming G-Dragon Teaser for New Album “Still Alive”

Flames are actually following Big Bang G-Dragon’s Hair which looks bright red like it is on fire as well! YG Entertainment released a teaser image for their new special album “Still Alive” on their official blog and Big Bang’s official Facebook page, May 25.

As you can see in the picture, G-Dragon’s hair is bright red just like the flames that are following him.

As we reported before, Big Bang is scheduled to release “Still Alive” on June 3. The album will contain 9 tracks and 5 of them are new. The title track “Monster” will come out with a blockbuster music video, which will be a collaboration with Hyundai Card.

A representative of YG stated, “Starting from G-Dragon’s teaser image, we will continue to release teasers one each day. As you can see, G-Dragon’s picture gives off a bit of a bad guy vibe. In the teaser images that will follow, you will see stronger sides of Big Bang and charms that you have not felt before.”