BEG Ga In’s Complete Transformation Into a Bona Fide PR Firm CEO

As we reported before, Ga In of the Brown Eyed Girls has become a CEO for a fashion PR agency. This is for the reality show on OnStyleLaunch My Life.” Ga In’s portion is titled “Ga In’s Fashion King.” Ga In’s part of the show is now coming to an end on May 26.

For this final episode Ga In got rid of her celebrity image and focused only on the project. Her project was with her second client who was the designer Park Seung Gun.

The designer approached Ga In so that he could have a successful after party to follow the Seoul Fashion Week.

Ga In stated, “I will help you out in terms of PR anyway I can so use me as much as you want.” Park Seung Gun stated, “Ga In who would usually be haughtier was very serious and I also saw bits of being timid.”