Dal Shabet Reveals New Member Woo Hee

Yesterday we reported that Dal Shabet’s leader Viki was leaving the group, it looks like she is being replaced with newcomer “Woo Hee.” Woo Hee was a trainee under Happy Face Entertainment and she was chosen to replace Viki because she fits in with their image.

Their agency stated, “Woohee was born in 1991 just like Dal Shabet’s Ah Young and Jiyool. Currently she is taking a break from university, and she is a broadcasting major. She has trained as a trainee for many years and she is very skilled in terms of dancing and singing.”
Woohee stated, “I am happy and both nervous because I am going to join Dal Shabet, who I already like a lot. I am worried that I won’t be able to fill in Viki unni’s shoes. I am happy that Serri and the other members are treating me very well. I will try even harder because I have joined Dal Shabet in the middle. Please watch me in a positive light.”

Dal Shabet will release their first official album on June 7.