Jay Park Receiving Attention for Recent Photos

Two photos of Jay Park at a photoshoot have been revealed. On May 25, on an online community site, the pictures of him at a shoot for a casual clothing brand were uploaded.

In one photo, he is wearing a blue t-shirt with a cap worn slightly at a slant while giving a cute smile towards the camera. In the other one, he is wearing the same t-shirt and cap with the large headphones around his neck. However, this time, he is staring off at something while smiling, ever so slightly, that it’s hard to tell if he is really smiling.

Netizens who saw the pictures commented, “He is always cute,” “Jay Park, where are you looking at?” and “He looks like a baby with this kind of outfit on.”

Meanwhile, Jay Park’s photoshoot will be revealed on June 1, on Googims homepage.