Drama “Faith” Has First Filming

New SBS drama, “Faith,” has just officially begun its first filming. On May 24, the first filming took place at Bongeunsa in Seoul. The dramatic scene was of Koryo soldier, Choi Young (Lee Min Ho), stepping onto Korea’s land for the first time after traveling through time and trying to take Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) to Koryo times before the portal to the time travel closes.

Director Kim Jong Hak showed his passion for pursuing perfection by speaking deeply with Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho during every scene. By showing their willpower like no other, the two main characters took on the filming with dignity. They had to do a difficult, emotional acting from the start, which makes people that much more anticipated for the destined romance that the two will portray.

Lee Min Ho spoke about his hopes by saying, “Even though it’s the first filming, I am happy that it was completed well, thanks to the care and preparation by Director Kim Jong Hak and the production staff. The harmony between Kim Hee Sun sunbae and I was good too. I want to put life into the cool character, Choi Young, that was made by the director.”

Kim Hee Sun then went on to speak about the filming. She said, “It’s been some time since I’ve done any filming so I thought I would be very nervous. However, as filming actually started, I was comfortable and it felt like I just came back after filming the day before. I am thankful because I believe it’s all due to the teamwork of the production group.”

The drama, “Faith,” is the new drama done by PD Kim Jong Hak and writer Song Ji Na, who did the dramas, “Sandglass” and “The Legend,” in the past. It is a fantasy melodrama about a Koryo soldier, played by Lee Min Ho, and a present day female doctor, played by Kim Hee Sun, unfolding a love that transcends through time. It will broadcast its first episode on August 13.