Lee Hyori Looks Flat Next to Honey Lee?

On May 24, On Style’s “Lee Hyori’s Social Club Golden 12,” aired with Honey Lee as the special guest.  On this episode, Honey Lee taught Lee Hyori and her stylist, Han Hye Yeon, how to bake vegan-style.

While baking, Han Hye Yeon suddenly turned to Lee Hyori and said, “Today especially, looking at you from the side, your chest looks really flat.”

In response to that comment, Lee Hyori replied, “Because I’m beside Honey I look really flat, right?” Honey Lee then shook her hands and replied, “No. How can you say that to unnie…?”

Upon the candid exchange of opinions, Lee Hyori enviously looked up and down at Honey Lee’s body and revealed her thoughts on how she now realizes that she is not as voluptuous as she thought. “After much thought, Honey, I realize that I have been too conceited.”