Lee Hyori’s Recent Photo with Chloe Moretz Garners Attention

Recently, Lee Hyori expressed how she felt standing next to Chloe Moretz who is only fifteen years old.

On May 26, Lee Hyori tweeted, “I’m not sure if I should feel happy about how my body apparently looked better standing next to a fifteen year old.”

This tweet by Lee Hyori was a response to many netizen’s positive comments about the photo she took with Bae Doo Na and Chloe Moretz. As seen in the photo, Chloe Moretz seems very mature for her age. Lee Hyori, who’s standing right next to Chloe Moretz, still seems very confident about her beauty.

Some of Netizen’s comments were, “Lee Hyori definitely has a better body than Chloe Moretz,” “I think Lee Hyori has the best body,” and more.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori, Chloe Moretz, and Bae Doo Na all attended the “World of Calvin Klein” event on May 24.

How do you think Lee Hyori looks standing next to Chloe Moretz?