IU Looks Incredibly Thin Next to Suzy

IU and Suzy recently took a friendly photo together. If you look at the photo closely, however, IU’s hand and wrist definitely look a lot smaller than those of Suzy.

On May 26, Suzy tweeted, “This happend after we ate some watermelon. This was taken in Thailand” and posted the photo above.

In the photo, it seems like Suzy and IU each placed a watermelon seed on their wrists and tried to make a silly face at the camera. What’s apprently more noticeable to netizens, however, is the size difference between IU’s and Suzy’s wrists. This put Suzy in a slightly uncomfortable position because people kept commenting how IU’s hand and wrist are baby-like while Suzy’s hand and wrist are a lot bigger than IU’s.

Some of netizen’s comments were, “They both look pretty,” “Suzy you still look beautiful!”, “IU is too thin…this saddens me,” “Suzy is not fat. IU is just too thin for her age,” and more.