Intimate Photo of SuJu’s Siwon and Kim Sun Ah Draws Attention

Actress Kim Sun Ah and Super Junior‘s Siwon recently validated their friendship by revealing an intimate photo of themselves together.

On May 26, Kim Sun Ah posted the following on her Facebook page: “Super Minam (handsome man) Siwonie. There is a Super Junior concert today! I’ve been invited several times, but I still haven’t been to a single one! I really want to go (my drama schedule is too hectic)! Sorry sorry!” Along with this post, she posted the photo above.

In the photo, Kim Sun Ah and Siwon seems to be dancing along with Super Junior’s hit song, “Sorry Sorry.” There are also texts on the photo that says, “Super Junior Siwon. Sorry sorry.”

Kim Sun Ah also added, “I think this photo was taken four years ago? Time really flies. Anyhow, hardworking Siwon! Fighting!!”

Meanwhile, Kim Sun Ah will be making a comeback through MBC‘s new drama called, “I Do, I Do.” Kim Sun Ah’s character in “I Do, I Do” is a designer from a shoe company who becomes pregnant after mistakenly sleeping with a rookie co-worker (Lee Jang Woo). The story of “I Do, I Do” is based on the unusual yet exciting romance between Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo’s character.

The first episode will be aired on May 30 at 9:55 PM (KST).