Teen Top Releases the Fourth Teaser for “To You”

Teen Top revealed another music video teaser from their upcoming album, “Artist.”

Until this point, Teen Top has released three separate teasers through their YouTube channel: “To You (Love is Fight),” “Love is Pure,” and “Love is Pain.” Today the group unleashed their fourth teaser in the series. This version of the teaser is referred to as the, “Main Version.”

This teaser edition combines some footage from the three previous releases with a few new additions. A different part of the track, which most likely will be the intro, is revealed. Once again the words spoken in English are by L. Joe, who closes the introduction by saying, “This song is to you.” A taste of the group’s sweet harmonies also are heard in the video.

There are only a few more days before Teen Top drops their third mini album. In the meantime be sure to check out their latest teaser below!