Song Joong Ki’s Rain Look Fashion for Allure Magazine

Song Joong Ki recently posed for Allure’s June issue. The magazine spread features the actor looking dashing in their “Rain Look” concept.

The actor, who is busy with both movie and drama schedules, will be featured in June’s Allure issue promoting the brand, HEAD. Song Joong Ki has signed an exclusive modelling contract for the brand, and in June’s Allure issue, he shows off his talents as a dynamic and versatile model.

To promote HEAD’s new “London in the Rain” line, the actor captures the concept of “rain soaked lovers” by posing dramatically and lively on the rain soaked set.

Song Joong Ki, well-known for his pretty-boy looks, revealed another cool, masculine,and mysterious side to himself. When posing with the other female model, the two really look like two lovers meeting in the rain.

Photographer Hong Jang Hyun commented about the photo shoot with the actor: “Song Joong Ki shed the soft, cute image that he is known for and revealed his strong, masculine, and active side in the shoot.”

You can catch Song Joong Ki in all his masculine glory in Allure’s June issue.