Kim Bum Soo Talks About the Differences Between Him and G-Dragon

Kim Bum Soo recently revealed his opinion on the main differences between him and G-Dragon.

On SBS‘s “Go Show” that was aired on May 25, Kim Bum Soo compared him and G-Dragon and listed out their differences. First, Kim Bum Soo pointed out that he officially debuted as a celebrity only nine months ago so G-Dragon is his senior. Second, he said, “I think G-Dragon is also ahead of almost everyone in the Korean entertainment world when it comes to looks and fashion.” He continued, “For some reason, I always lose confidence whenever people ask me for my signature. G-Dragon, on the other hand, knows how to treat his fans with confidence. This is why I try to use him as an example of how a celebrity should act around fans.”

After hearing this news, netizens commented, “I personally think Kim Bum Soo isn’t that far behind when it comes to looks,” “Kim Bum Soo is great when it comes to singing – he also just proved that he can talk sensibly in talk shows,” “I thought I was going to die laughing after hearing him talk,”