Mighty Mouth’s Shorry J Apologizes to TaeTiSeo Fans

Mighty Mouth‘s Shorry J made a live public apology to TaeTiSeo fans. Shorry J apologized at the beginning of the performance of the group’s newest song “Bad Guy, during the May 26 episode of MBC “Music Core.”

On this day, Mighty Mouths Sangchu said to Shorry J, “I’m going crazy because of you. Apologize to TaeTiSeo fans.” To this, Shorry J said, “I’m very sorry. But still, we need to work,” and continued into a fun performance.

Shorry J’s incident was from the May 25 episode of KBS “Music Bank” during TaeTiSeo’s victory speech. While the members of TaeTiSeo were thanking people during the emotional occasion, Shorry J attracted attention by making funny faces to the camera from behind the members.

Before the apology, Shorry J tweeted, “I didn’t mean to be distracting or anything to Girls’ Generation fans…I’m sorry if you were upset. I won’t do it. Please don’t be angry.”