Big Bang Taeyang’s “Monster” Teaser Photo Released!

Big Bang member Taeyang‘s teaser for the group’s newest song “Monster” was recently released.

After releasing G-Dragon‘s and T.O.P.‘s unique villain-like teaser photosYG Entertainment released Taeyang’s teaser photo. Taeyang can be seen wearing a unique jacket that seems to somewhat resemble a backwards strait jacket. Taeyang and fiercely gazing somewhere off in the distance, almost as though he’d be ready to bolt toward the enemy at any moment.

“Monster” will be released in Big Bang’s special edition album “Still Alive” next month. The music video for “Monster” will be released on June 3. “Monster” has already been announced to be a strong and bolder song than any of the other Big Bang’s previous songs.

“Still Alive” will have the group’s hit songs “Blue,” “Fantastic Baby,” “Bad Boy,” “Love Dust,” as well as five brand new songs. YG Entertainment also announced to have collaborated with Hyundai Card for the album design and redesign of the already existent Big Bang logo.

YG Entertainment will also be releasing a secret project that it has been working on with Hyundai Card on the album’s release date as well.