Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung: “Eric Is Better Than Poop”

Shin Hye Sung admitted on the most recent episode of jTBC‘s “Shinhwa Broadcast” that he likes Eric more than poop.

The May 26 episode of “Shinhwa Broadcast” was “The God Of Speech” special, and the members of Shinhwa had debates. There were several debate topics, and the last was “What if Eric and Hye Sung were to live together?”

Eric argued, “Shin Hye Sung and I lived in the same apartment above and below each other before. Now we are living in the same apartment front and back of each other. Why pay money and live separately?”

To this, Shin Hye Sung asked, “If I were to live with Eric, would we have to use the same room? I think it would be weird to use the same room as Eric.” After losing to Kim Dong Wan when asked if Hye Sung preferred Eric or Dong Wan, Eric asked, “Do you dislike poop, or do you dislike me? Pick only one or the other,” to Shin Hye Sung.

Shin Hye Sung answered, “If I say ‘poop,’ I feel like tomorrow’s headlines will be ‘Shin Hye Sung: I dislike Eric more than poop.’ So I think I’m going to go crazy. But truthfully, Eric is better than poop,” and brought laughter to the set.