New Albums and Singles Preview – 2012 May Week 4

B1A4 Vol. 1 – Ignition: Special Edition (May 29)

01 Baby, Goodnight
02 Because of You
03 Baby I’m Sorry
04 This Time Is Over
05 So Fine
06 Super Sonic
07 If It’s Just the Two of Us (Baro Solo – feat. Min of missA)
08 Laugh
09 9. Feeling
10 Crush (San Deul Solo)
11 You Are My Girl
12 Wonderful Tonight (Unplugged Remix)
13 Baby, Goodnight
14 Because of You (INST)
15 Baby I’m Sorry (INST)
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B1A4, who has had much success last March with their debut album and its respective hit songs, “Baby I’m Sorry,” “O.K,” and “Beautiful Target,” has returned with a special edition of their “Ignition” album. The title track this time around is “Baby, Goodnight,” which was once more composed by the leader of the group, Jin Young. It is an electronic synth pop number that hold lyrics about a playboy who dreams about going out to party after his girlfriend falls asleep.

BTOB – Born To Beat: Asia Special Ed.

01 Born to Beat
02 Stole Her Lips

03 Insane
04 Imagine
05 Monday to Sunday
06 Father
07 Stole Her Lips INST
08 Insane INST

Rookie group, BTOB releases their first Asia Special Edition of their “Born to Beat” album. This version includes four previously released songs in addition to a new title track called, “Stole Her Lips” and digital single, “Father.” Bits and pieces of “Stole Her Lips” were previously revealed on the sitcom, “I Live in Chung Dam Dong;” thus, making this a very anticipated song among fans.

Kim Ji Soo mini-album Vol. 2 – Vintage Man
(May 30)

01 Necessity
02 Vintage Man
03 Confession
04 Young Ajussi
05 Romantic Stalker
06 Sunflower

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Kim Ji Soo returns with his second mini-album, “Vintage Man,” a year since his first. The singer songwriter took part in composing, penning, and arranging all the songs. Listeners are expected to see the singer’s carefree side through this album.
Fashion King OST (May 29)

01 Heavy Rain (INST)
02 I Will Wait (Seohyun – SNSD)
03 Is It Not Possible (feat. Beige) – Soul Star
04 Love Is Like This – Lee Young Hyun
05 Dream of You – Lee Jin Sung (Monday Kiz)
06 Best Love – Lee Hyun (8eight)
07 That Man – Nam Gyuri
08 You Are a Wall – M to M
09 Standstill – K.Heart
10 Appreciate (INST)
11 Step 1 (INST)
12 Heave Rain (INST)
13 Step 4 (INST)
14 Shadow (INST)

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The full soundtrack for hit drama series, “Fashion King” is finally out for sale! Top artists such as Seo Hyun of SNSD, Lee Young Hyun, Monday Kiz, Lee Hyun of 8eight, and Nam Gyuri have taken part in this album. Also included in the album are instrumentals that were also popular in the drama series.

T-Ara (single) – Round and Round (Bingeul Bingeul) (released)

01 Round and Round (Bingeul Bingeul)

T-ara remakes old school number, “Round and Round” originally sung by Nami, in midst of an upcoming compilation album. This upcoming album will consist of 33 hit songs popular among high school girls from 1980 to the present. Listeners will be able to hear the girl group’s own respective style and color in this exciting number.
Other Releases

Gateflowers – Time (May 29)
Eness Gray – Vol. 1 First Love (May 31)
M.I.B – Illusion (May 31)
My Name – The First Single: Hello & Goodbye (May 31)

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