Comedian Shin Bora Reveals that IU Has a “Three-Level Snore”

Comedian Shin Bora made yet another playful jab at one of K-Pop’s most beloved singers, IU.

As part of the “Brave Bastards” act that aired on this week’s “Gag Concert” Shin Bora revealed that IU has a “three-level snore.” (referring to IU’s famous three-level high note from her song “Good Day”)

Shin Bora recently appeared on the same episode of “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” that IU guest starred as well. Shin Bora shared, “I went to go say hello but when I found her, she was fast asleep. But more importantly, she was snoring,” shocking the “Gag Concert” guests.

As part of the act, fellow comedians Park Sung Kwang and Jung Tae Ho vehemently denied Shin Bora’s comments on IU’s “three-level snore.” The male comedians tried to defend IU by exploiting Shin Bora and saying, “Shin Bora farted yesterday,” but Shin Bora quickly countered with, “IU farts too,” which caused waves of laughter.

Shin Bora made headlines last week for playfully dissing Girls’ Generation’s TaeTiSeo for having a childish name.