A Pink’s “Compass Dance” for “HUSH” Gives Them Leg Spasms

A sad story behind A Pink’s latest “compass dance” has been revealed.

The “compass dance” is from A Pink’s title track “HUSH” from their first official album, “UNE ANNEE.” The “compass dance” is when the girls put their weight on one leg and draw out a circle with their other leg. People have said that this movement looks like a compass needle revolving, hence the name of the dance. This dance has been receiving a lot of love since it shows off the shapely and long legs of the A Pink members.

However, the girls of A Pink revealed that the “compass dance” has a negative side to it. Jung Eunji remarked, “Because we have to place all of our weight on one leg, when we practice, our legs shake a lot. One time, I went on stage feeling a bit nervous and while I was dancing, my legs started to get spasms. Fortunately, I was able to cover it up and finish the performance.”

Eunji continued, “But the bigger problem is that this dance makes our legs muscular. I don’t think we’re far ahead from having horse thighs!”

A Pink is currently actively promoting “HUSH.” Check out their performance below: