Netizens React to T-ara Hyomin’s Ant-Sized Waist

T-ara‘s Hyomin revealed her “Ant-sized waist.”

On May 28, Hyomin uploaded a photo taken while practicing for the concert with a caption, “Practicing for the Thailand Concert. D-6! Fighting.”

In the photo, Hyomin is clenching her fist and shouting fighting. She is wearing a black tank top revealing her stomach, especially her “Ant-sized waist,” under the tank top is drawing eyes.

Netizens who saw the photo showed varieties of reactions, “Her waist is too thin,” “It’s an ant-sized waist,” “It looks like it’s going to break,” “I was so shocked when I saw the photo,” “It’s too thin, I feel bad,” and “Is that really a human waist?”

Meanwhile, T-ara is very busy practicing for the concert tour at Thailand and Japan on June.