Simon D Regrets Turning Down a Chance to Feature in IU’s “Nagging”

Hip-hop duo Supreme Team’s Simon D revealed that he regrets turning down IU’s request for him to be featured in one of her past songs.

Simon D appeared on a recent episode of Mnet’s music talk show, “Volume Ten,” and shared his story about how he had to turn down IU’s request due to his busy schedule at the time.

At the time, IU was just about to release her track, “Nagging” and asked Simon D to feature in it. However, Simon D confessed that he turned her down. He explained, “At the time, I was so busy so I had no choice but to say no. Now I’m so sorry that I can’t even talk to her.”

After Simon D confessed this, the MCs Lim Jin Mo and Jung In scolded him for turning down one of the biggest stars at the moment. Then Simon D said, “I think it may be the biggest mistake of my twenties,” causing everyone to laugh. After Simon D turned down the offer, 2AM’s Seulong filled his spot instead.

Can you imagine Simon D singing “Nagging” with IU? Check out her live performance with Seulong in the video below!