BoA: “My First Impression of YG, Uncomfortable”

BoA spoke about her first impressions of YG. BoA appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Win Win” that was broadcast on May 29.

BoA stated, “For the first recording of ‘SBS K-Pop Star’ I met JYP and YG for the first time. JYP told me to call him oppa, but YG asked that he be called, ‘boss.’ That made me a bit uncomfortable.”

She continued, “Then one day YG was late for a recording. I asked him, ‘Could you please come a bit earlier?’ After that, I began to call him oppa comfortably.”

BoA also spoke about being called a harsh judge. She stated, “Originally my personality is very direct. Usually when I talk I can’t talk in circles. Because I was a judge I thought that I would have to talk in a feminine manner. As more time passed by my real personality began to come out.”