Lee Hyori Exposes Navel on “You and I” and Dispels Pot Belly Controversy

Lee Hyori wore a dress that exposed her navel, and dispelled the controversy surrounding her pot belly.

For the “You and I” episode broadcast on May 27, Lee Hyori showed her innocent charms while exposing her navel in a white dress. Of course, Netizens focused on the exposed part because as we reported in the past, her love handles created quite the stir.

Netizens have stated, “I think she has gone back to taking care of her body,” “She has perfect abs,” “It wasn’t that Lee Hyori was fat, her clothes were too small,” “Even in a dress that exposes her navel, there is no worry for her hard abs,” and “Lee Hyori has the best body.”

The duo “No Reply” appeared on this episode of “You and I.” They stated, “I like Lee Hyori’s body” and Lee Hyori replied, “Of course.”