[Soompi Shop] It’s Skin Macaroon Lip Balm

Great news Soompiers! So many people have been asking about It’s Skin Macaroon Lip Balm since our last It’s Skin promotion. Well, you wanted. We have it! Not only is it super duper cute! It also moisturizes, nourishes, and softens easily dried lips! The fruity lip balm comes in four different flavors: green apple, pineapple, grape, and strawberry!

At Soompi Shop, you can receive two flavors(strawberry and grape), and there’s more! We’ll give you another macaroon lip balm for free, and you can choose the flavor! That means three Macaroon Lip Balms for only $16 (USD)! This is a rare deal, so get yours while supplies last!

Remember to get yours soon! There are only 100 units available!