Boyfriend Holds Japanese Debut Press Conference on a Boat

Boyfriend will have their Japanese debut press conference on May 28.

Donghyun said of their name, “The reason we are named Boyfriend, is because we want to be everyone’s boyfriend.” Minwoo said of receiving three different awards, “I was happy for receiving awards when it hasn’t been that long since my debut. Thank you very much and I will continue to try my best.”

Youngmin stated, “We were always thankful for the Japanese fans that also showed their support since our South Korean debut. I am both excited and worried for our Japanese debut.”

Then Jeongmin stated, “It is such an honor to be able to perform on the Japan Budokan stage. We are preparing hard so that the show case will be a success so please anticipate us.”

Finally Minwoo stated, “I always wanted to meet Japanese fans, I was so happy when we decided to debut in Japan. Please continue to support us.”

On June 6, Boyfriend will release the special album “We are ‘Boyfriend.’”