Rookie Group A-JAX Releases MV Teaser for “One 4 U”

DSP Media‘s upcoming boy group A-JAX has released the teaser for their debut music video “One 4 U.”

If you watched any of their individual member teasers from last month, you will definitely recognize the song being played. By the looks of the teaser, they are going for a strong concept with powerful dance moves. We can expect the full music video to be released this week as “One 4 U” will be released as a digital single on June 1.

Previously they released a prologue ballad song “Never Let You Go.” While the music video didn’t feature any members, label mate Hara from Kara starred in the video. Upon the song’s release, it was able to take high spots on various charts.

After releasing many teasers under the temporary name DSP Boys, they announced their official name A-JAX last month.