Lee Ji Ah: “I Didn’t Mind the Lee Ji Ah Is an Alien Theory”

Lee Ji Ah’s easygoing personality (that has been hidden because of her mysteriousness) has been revealed. On the first episode of “I’m Real Lee Ji Ah in USA” which will broadcast on May 29, she stated, “It was upsetting because I did not have a chance to show my real sides. It wasn’t on purpose, but because of certain reasons I can’t get into, it became difficult for me to reach out to others. I think I will be able to make more opportunities like this in the future.”

She was asked about the vampire rumors or alien rumors regarding herself. Lee Ji Ah answered, “I didn’t mind those rumors. But, shouldn’t I escape being called an alien?”

For this episode one will be able to see how much Lee Ji Ah enjoys to eat. “When I eat I am happy. No matter how tired I am, if I eat something good I am so happy. I work out a lot because I cannot give up eating.”