“Rooftop Prince’s” Jung Yumi’s High School Photo Revealed

Earlier today, SBSGood Morning” found a photo of Jung Yumi from her high school days. During the segment, the crew decided to visit the actress’s hometown, visiting her high school and meeting her homeroom teacher to hear stories of her past.

Jung Yumi’s sophomore year homeroom teacher complimented, “She was extremely cute, precocious, and pretty. A lot of the teachers talked about her because she was also really smart.” He also shared a group photo taken before Jung Yumi moved to Seoul. Additionally, the morning show also revealed the fact that hallyu star Choi Ji Woo and Jung Yumi not only attended the same high school, but also had the same homeroom teacher.

It’s been a busy six months for Jung Yumi, having jumped from one project to another. She recently wrapped up her latest rom-com SBS “Rooftop Prince,” co-starring Park Yoo Chun (JYJ) and Han Ji Min.