So Ji Sub Tries His Hand at Judo for “Ghost”

Actor So Ji Sub gave his best on his first try at judo. According to reports in local news agencies, the actor was spotted on the set of his new drama, “Ghost,” tackling on the challenge of judo for the first time.

The scene shows So Ji Sub in his character as Detective Kim Woo Hyun, an only child whose outstanding natural skills elevated him to the elite forces upon graduation from police academy.

Reports further said that the scene, shot at theYongin University gym attracted attention because the actor appeared in the judo uniform of a white robe and a black belt. He was also said to have exuded a strong masculinity and seemed unapproachable.

However, the actor also gained praise for showing diligence in his work. He arrived on set ahead of his colleagues, and greeted all actors and staff alike courteously.

Although it was his first time to shoot a judo fight scene, his scene partner was reported to have been impressed with So Ji Sub’s quick ability to learn and an innate sense of movement.

An official of the drama further said, “So Ji Sub has been staying up all night, and working hard for the drama. When the smiles are hard to come by, he would always lighten the mood and consistently make the shooting atmosphere friendly, so please give us a lot of support.”

“Ghost,” co-starring Lee Yeon Hee, premieres on May 30.