Lee Seung Gi Addresses Rumors of Returning to Variety Shows

Lee Seung Gi opened up about his thoughts on making a comeback to variety shows. On May 26, Lee Seung Gi left a message on his fan café, and addressed rumors of him returning to the variety business as his first drama series, “King2Hearts,” came to an end last week.

“There was an article about me returning to variety shows, but there’s nothing confirmed yet! It’s always the press that begins these rumors regarding my variety comeback. I guess they really need me, right?” the star actor/singer said.

“But some people expressed their concerns about my variety career. I know there are a lot of caring fans that want me to just remain as an ‘Lee Jae Ha’ and return through another different show. I also want to do that. How easy would it be if I really did that? But you know the road I want to take is not the safe path, but always the more challenging direction, right?” he added.

He wrapped up his message with a special thank you note, as he said, “To all the ‘King2Hearts’ fans, I’d like to say thank you and thank you again. I love you.”