Recent Photos Show “K-Pop Star’s” Park Jimin Lost Weight

Winner of SBS’s “K-Pop StarPark Jimin’s new eye-catching appearance has been revealed.

Recently, photos of the “K-Pop Star” champion were released through online community bulletin boards and Twitter. The forum’s article title was, “Photo of Park Jimin who has Lost Weight.” The photo revealed a new look for the K-Pop Star.” Previously, Park Jimin had discussed her feelings about her weight. She later revealed that she had been dieting. All her hard work seems to have paid off. In the photo Jimin is shown posing with a fellow “K-Pop Star” contestant.

It was apparent that Park Jimin had lost a lot of weight. Her jaw line was more prominent in the newer photo which attracted the attention of netizens.

Over the weekend singer Kim Bum Soo updated his Twitter where he uploaded a photo of himself and Ji Min. Bum Soo wrote, “I am so happy! My favorite singer in the entire universe Park Jimin came to see my concert.” He then posted a photo of the two of them posing together backstage after the show.

Park Ji Min poses with singer Kim Bum Soo

Those who observed the photos reacted positively saying, “Park Ji Min was always pretty. But she now looks even more beautiful,” “Park Bom must have really inspired you,” and “Your jaw line is perfect.”

Park Jimin was “K-Pop Star’s” first contestant to be crowned champion. Since the show’s conclusion Park Jimin has officially signed a contract with JYP Entertainment.