Song Hye Gyo Featured in Chanel’s Worldwide Photo Exhibition

Photos that will be featured in Chanel’s worldwide photo exhibition were recently released. Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion house’s creative director, hand-picked Song Hye Gyo’s photo to be a part of the photo exhibition, bringing much positive attention to the actress.

In celebration of the fashion house’s iconic black jacket, Lagerfeld has released a photo collection entitled, “The Little Black Jacket.” For this photo collection, Karl Lagerfeld himself styled and took all the photographs.

A total of 113 celebrities from several different countries participated. Hollywood stars such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Kirsten Dunst and Dakota Fanning were featured models. In addition, models Alexa Chung and Karolina Kurkova also took part in the photo collection.

Song Hye Gyo was the only model to be chosen from Korea. At Karl Lagerfeld’s request, Song Hye Gyo was given the opportunity to participate in this world-wide exhibition. In October of last year, at a fashion show in Paris, Lagerfeld suggested that the actress work together with him and his team on this project.

The concept is avant-garde, with Song Hye Gyo wearing a black jacket and shorts, and gliding on roller skates. There is a very magical element to the picture, and Lagerfeld has perfectly captured Song Hye Gyo’s beauty.

The expression on her face is blank, but her gaze is mysterious – particularly amplified by her sexy smoky eye make-up.

There are also plans for the photo of Song Hye Gyo to be published in Vogue. In addition, the actress is the only Korean celebrity and only Asian actress/model to be signed by the Paris-based global agency, Effigies.

The photo exhibition is set to open on June 16 in Taiwan.

Song Hye Gyo for Chanel