miss A’s Suzy Comments on her Fellow “Big” Co-Star Lee Min Jung

Suzy of Miss A says the only thing that separates her from Lee Min Jung is the difference in age.

A press conference for the upcoming KBS 2TV drama series, “Big” was held at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul. The cast of “Big” was in attendance where they were asked many questions by the press. During the event, a reporter asked Suzy the question, “What aspect do you feel you are better at than your co-star Lee Min Jung?”

Suzy smiled brightly as she tried her best to field the sensitive question by replying, “I am younger.” She continued by humbly explaining, “With the exception of age, there is nothing that I am better at than Lee Min Jung.” Prior to Suzy’s question Lee Min Jung spoke about her co-star saying, “Even I would love Suzy if I were a man. She is a really cute, sweet, and hardworking friend.”

Then Suzy went on to express her feelings of her experience working on the drama, “I am unable to predict the course the drama will follow. Even though it is unpredictable it is full of fun and that’s where it has its charm. I enjoyed filming the show, it was fun to shoot.”

The premise of “Big” follows an 18-year-old teenager and a 30-year-old doctor who, is engaged to a sweet and innocent fiancée, suddenly switch bodies. This unusual situation will spark some interesting conflicts where comedy is sure to ensue. “Big” is set to begin airing on June 4 after the current series “Love Rain’s” conclusion.