Jia and Min of miss A Go Crazy on the Streets of China?

Recently, Jia and Min from the girl group miss A revealed a photo of themselves posing weirdly in front of a statue during their visit to China.

On May 28, Ji tweeted, “What’s Miss A doing in Changsha?” along with the photo above. As seen in the photo, Ji is trying to imitate the pose of the statue while Min is leaning backwards with her hand on the statue’s head. No one knows for sure what the purpose of this photo is but one thing for sure is that they were just trying to have some fun during their trip to China.

Netizens who saw this photo commented, “Are you guys in the middle of a dance?” “It seems like they are trying to imitate the statue,” “I have no clue what Min is trying to do,” and more.

Following Jia’s tweet, Min posted, “I think I look crazy.”