Kim Tae Hee Becomes Shampoo Model for Elastine

Kim Tae Hee became the new model for Elastine shampoo following Jeon Ji Hyun, who has been a model for Elastine shampoo for the last 11 years.

LG Health and Beauty’s hair cosmetic brand Elastine made a change in 11 years by changing the representative model from Jeon Ji Hyun to Kim Tae Hee.

On May 29, LG Health and Beauty’s representative said, “We are planning on having a fan meeting with Kim Tae Hee as the new CF for Elastine airs,” and “This fan meeting is for our new model, Kim Tae Hee, so that she can get closer with consumers.”

Recently Kim Tae Hee was picked by Lee Jang Woo as his ideal type and drew interest.