Lee Hyori’s Book “Closer” Sells Out within Days of Release and Requires Third Printing

The second printing of Lee Hyori’s photo-essay, “Closer” has sold out in just five days. Lee Hyori has just risen to the ranks of a best-selling author.

Lee Hyori’s first photo-essay, “Closer: The Story Started by Hyori and Soonshim” has made quite an impact on the publishing world. The book’s popularity is amazing everyone. It has been just five days since the book hit store shelves and already the publisher is ordering a third printing.

An official representative for the publishing company remarked, “At this time, we are experiencing insufficient quantities as the publication of the book has been hindered by the holidays. Since Lee Hyori intends to raise animal protection awareness as well as donate to the cause through the book we predict that it will continue to sell at a steady pace. ”

The book contains heartwarming stories by Lee Hyori who is Korea’s premiere celebrity advocate for the protection and adoption of animals. In it she discusses her experiences of how she got involved in supporting the rights of animals, how she became a vegetarian, and what an enriching experience life has been for her when you adopt and raise a pet. Other serious topics are mentioned in the book such as animal farming and the inhumane condition of pet adoption centers.

Lee Hyori intends on donating the entire profit made from the sales of the book to PETA. “I have chosen to take a new path. For instance, most people may think things like, ‘What is so important about dogs and cats, they are just animals, when there are so many people suffering in this world.’ Animals are living beings too that are weaker than humans. They are unable to protect themselves and they don’t receive protection. So they need the support of humans to stand up for their rights and protect them. These are my beliefs and because of these realizations I have decided to take this road.”

Book cover for Lee Hyori's