First Responses to the New Rival Wed/Thurs Dramas “I Do I Do,” “Ghost” and “Bridal Mask”

On May 30, a fresh new cycle of the Wednesday and Thursday dramas has started. Three new dramas by the three big channels KBS, MBC and SBS were aired: “Bridal Mask,” “I Do I Do,” and “Ghost,” respectively. Various news outlets already reported on the first responses for each drama. Let’s see how each of them did!

Bridal Mask – A Thrilling and Fresh Joseon Hero Appears

The first episode of “Bridal Mask,” starring Joo Won and Jin Sae Yeon, was received warmly due to the actors’ enthusiastic performances and fast development of the characters.

Acclaim was given for the top-notch action scenes as well as the detailed camera work. Since the drama is set in the historic Joseon era, one may assume that the plot would unravel rather slowly. However, viewers were pleasantly surprised with the fast-paced story development during the first episode.

Action wasn’t the only part that was highlighted. Many scenes had a visual emphasis such as dancing and fencing, which caused the viewers to keep their eyes glued to their screens. Also, “Bridal Mask” is the first drama to use a Red Epic digital camera, which helped accentuate each movement during the action scenes.

Many are wondering how the story will continue to unravel for Joo Won, who entered the scene as an antagonist, as he decides to take on the fate of wearing the bridal mask.

I Do I Do – The Revival of “Rom-Com” Queen Kim Sun Ah

The first episode of “I Do I Do” showcased the clashing first encounter between Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo.

Many hilarious and cringe-worthy scenes unfolded as the story line developed such as an embarrassing one-night stand between Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo and Kim Sun Ah going to her gynecologist, only to have her discover that her female reproductive parts have the physical age of being in its 50s, which might result in menopause within a year or two.

This drama is definitely the lighter and more easy-going out of the other two dramas. Also, it’s the one drama that has a female protagonist whereas the other two dramas have charismatic and intense male protagonists. It will definitely be interesting to see how a successful shoe designer (Kim Sun Ah) will become pregnant with a rookie employee’s (Lee Jang Woo) son due to a one-night stand, and how the two will start to fall in love.

Ghost – A New and Unique Concept of Cyber Investigation Squad

The first episode of “Ghost” introduced a cyber criminal investigation team, consisting of the leads So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee, who are trying to unravel the truth behind a mysterious murder.

“Ghost” was praised for its realistic depictions of using various social media outlets and the Internet within the story line. Many viewers lauded the drama for having the suspense and realism that is often found in American crime dramas.

The flashy cast of supporting actors and actresses such as Choi Daniel and MBLAQ’s G.O also added to the positive acclaim. However, people are predicting that the storyline may be too difficult for viewers to follow, which may make them lose interest.

Who Will Be Crowned As The Victor?

The three big channels KBS, MBC and SBS are once again head-to-head with this new line-up of dramas. Many are excited to find out which drama will come out on top. In the past cycle, MBC’s “The King 2hearts” showed number 1 ratings, only to be usurped by “Equator Man.” However, during the last few episodes, “Rooftop Prince” took the number 1 spot instead. Therefore, it is too early to determine which drama will be crowned as the victor.

Which drama will you be watching on Wednesdays and Thursdays?

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