Round 1: Bridal Mask vs. I Do I Do vs. Ghost

Three new Wed/Thurs dramas premiered last night, May 30. So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee’s Ghost” replaced “Rooftop Prince” on SBS, while Joo Won and Shin Hyun Joon’s Bridal Mask” took over “The Equator Man’s” time slot on KBS. Lee Jang Woo and Kim Sun Ah’s I Do, I Do” superseded “The King 2hearts” on MBC.

Two of the three dramas achieved respectable double digit ratings with their pilot episodes. “Bridal Mask” took the lead with 12.7% (AGB Nielsen), and “I Do I Do” followed with 10.5%. “Ghost” came in third with 7.6%.

“Bridal Mask” attracted viewers with its fast-paced development and great acting. Rom-com “I Do I Do” was light, cheeky, and funny. “Ghost” started off with the death of an actress, evoking viewers’ curiosity and suspense.

What about Soompiers? Which Wed/Thurs drama do you plan on watching?