miss A Suzy Makes Chinese Celebrities Look Average

Recently an online community board revealed a picture of miss A’s Suzy standing with Chinese celebrities. The title of the post read, “After Suzy stood next to Chinese celebrities…” The post read, “Suzy took a picture with Chinese celebrities, is this the effect of Suzy? The celebrities just look like average fans.”

Netizens commented, “Are the Chinese celebrities comedians?” “Suzy is taking over China,” “Good thing Suzy didn’t wear kill heels, otherwise…” and “There are a lot of celebrities like Kim Tae Hee in China too…”
Suzy was recently cast for a role in the upcoming drama “Big,” which also stars Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo. The story of “Big” is that one day an 18 year old boy becomes 30. Gong Yoo will play the main character “Seo Yoon Jae.” Lee Min Jung will play the role of “Gil Da Ran” whose fiancé suddenly transforms into an 18 year old boy. Suzy plays the ex-girlfriend of Gong Yoo’s 18 year old character.”